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Ask The Experts

May 2, 2023

Your home is a major investment.  When you have questions about maintenance, repair, or upgrades for your investment it can be crucial to ask an expert.

We have taken questions we have gotten from you and brought them to the right, WABA professional to get the right answer.


 I want to build a new home and I am flooded with ideas.  How and where do I start with turning my ideas into a custom home plan that I can discuss with potential builders?

I recommend looking on the floor plan websites, to see which houses, both the floor plan and exterior interest you. Then from there, space planning is key. Finding a good architect to help get all your ideas on paper is a good starting point – then getting a designer involved to get a second eye on things. Then, when you bid to potential builders, everything is apples to apples.
-Sara Haumschild, Inspired by Design


I am thinking about putting my older home on the market.  It has not been updated in a number of years (15+).  The home has been well cared for and everything is in good, working condition.  I do have a budget available to refresh the home.  What updates would yield me the highest return and the quickest sale of my home?

I would first put money into updating the bathrooms then the kitchen.  If there is room in the budget I would next recommend modernizing and updating the fireplaces and surrounds in the home.

-Max Rea, RE/MAX Excel


Why do products have such a long lead time right now?


Material shortages and backorders have been disrupting the building industry recently, here’s why. Amid the pandemic there has still been a growing demand for new construction and remodels.  This alongside the supply chain disruptions caused by the virus and government shut downs, have held back an enormous amount of production. Material and labor shortages have been causing backorders on all products this year, especially for those products where part or all materials come from foreign mills.

-Kyle VanOrder
Woodstock Flooring & Design Center



Why is now a good time to build?
(We asked a builder!)

This has been a strange season to be a builder in.  Property values are at an all-time high, interest  rates are lower than most of us have ever seen and material prices and availability are more unpredictable then they have been in recent years.  There comes to be a lot of unknown when embarking on a new build right now, so it’s easy to wonder, “is it even a good time to build?”  Knowing all the facts something you need to consider is, your current property is still valued at an all-time high, so sell it.  Current interest rates are still at an all-time low, so lock it.  And as for the changing building climate, find a builder you trust.  Somebody who is going to be honest and open with you, somebody willing to help you get things coming early, somebody okay if the process isn’t rushed because you want to get what you want in your dream home.  This is still a wise time to build if you look at the bigger picture of the project.  And as you look at that full picture, higher prices will be absorbed, the material delays won’t seem so bad, and your dream home will still come to life even in uncertain times.  Nobody knows what the future holds, but today most of our industry has figured out how to handle the current climate.  We are constantly evolving and adapting, and we’re ready to take you on that journey.  Next year the whole game could shift and the perfect line up of those three items could be lost, so the time is now!  Start that process and even if you just get all your ducks in a row and don’t pull the trigger, now is still a great time to start!        

-Amanda & Sam McLellan, Woodbury Custom Homes


Why is now a good time to build?
(We asked a lender!)

It a great time to construct a home and obtaining financing.  Right now interest rates continue to remain very low.  This will allow you to build more home and have a lower final loan payment compared to previous years.  The lower rates help offset pricing adjustments during the building process.  Credit approval is very quick and easy to obtain, due to the economy and low unemployment levels.

-Phil Pesanka, Abby Bank



 What can I expect from a building supply retailer?
A knowledgeable, professional sales team with a keen eye for current design trends that can meet or exceed your initial expectations.

-Bob Dickman
Carpet City

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