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In The Light

March 13, 2023

2022 Badger Craftsman Award For Best Home Technology

in the light

Winning Project Details

Located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin this is an all-inclusive smart home. This project is a 12,347 square foot residential home with an attached office space. The home includes an indoor pool, hot tub, sunken bar, elevator, master suite, dog grooming room, bed and breakfast, 7 bathrooms and 2 garages. There are numerous smart systems including a smart lighting system, automated shades, a smart security system including indoor and outdoor security cameras, smart thermostats and a smart sound system. In addition, we also found several unique applications. Both the owner’s indoor hot tub and outdoor fountain are able to be turned on/off via an app or keypad in the home. All smart elements including the lighting, shades, speakers, security cameras and thermostats are connected with the Google and Alexa assistants. This allows each individual component to be voice controlled or several devices at once with a large variety of integrated “scenes.”  In total, there are more than 250 smart devices incorporated in the home including 154 lighting devices (switches, dimmers, wall and tabletop keypads), 31 automated shades, 6 security cameras, 4 thermostats, 11 smoke detectors, 20 speakers, 5 Google speakers, 3 smart displays, 17 smart televisions and 8 routers. This project truly showcases what smart home technology can do as it is integrated into every part of this home. Each device works together to create a convenient, efficient, secure and entertaining Northwoods retreat.

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